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Throughout the pandemic, residents of the large cities of Toronto and Hamilton began to lose their infatuation with city living.

Sales in the core of Toronto fell early in the pandemic as residents escaped confined city living, but now that the city has re-opened, the market has picked up. As we emerge from pandemic restrictions, home prices within and in the surrounding cities of Toronto are now skyrocketing. Demand, low inventory levels, and record low interest rates have created a unique, red-hot real estate market. Many buyers have been priced out of single-family homes around Toronto and are either having to turn towards condos or move further out. But for many, the prospect of escaping city life is inviting.


Remote Workers Move to Niagara

With more people working remotely than ever before across Canada, city residents are taking advantage of their new work conditions. The Niagara region has seen an influx of residents from around Ontario, but particularly Toronto. City dwellers are looking for more space and better quality of living outside the big city. They are choosing this small town for its close-knit community vibe and beautiful environment. They are saying goodbye to crowds and hello to wineries and open spaces.


Downsizing to Niagara

Many homeowners are cashing in on record-high prices throughout the GTA, downsize on cost, and upscale on lifestyle with all that the Niagara region has to offer. Why are buyers choosing the Niagara region?

#1 Affordable Buying

Unlike cities closer to Toronto, Niagara still offers comparatively low property prices. Niagara Falls has an average home price of $693,393 while neighbouring St Catharines has an average sale price of $439,600. These prices are far more achievable when compared to the average home price in Toronto of $1,171,997.


#2 Access to Healthcare

The Niagara Health System cont clearfixains world-class medical facilities. There are multiple hospitals located in St Catharines, Welland, Port Colborne and Fort Erie. Residents here can easily access outstanding healthcare at one of these facilities or the many private physicians from wherever they live in the region.

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#3 Stunning Natural Beauty

The Niagara Peninsula has long been a destination for international travel and local weekend getaways. Beyond just the destination of Niagara Falls, there are hundreds of kilometres of walking trails, the Niagara Glen Nature Centre, some outstanding wineries, and access to amazing beaches. This region really has something to offer for everyone.

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#4 Proximity to the Greater Toronto Area

While it may seem far, the Niagara region is still within easy access to the GTA. If you want to access concerts, high-end shopping, or sports games on the weekend, the city is under a two hours drive away. Hamilton and Buffalo are even closer

Moving to the Niagara region brings value to residents’ lives while allowing them to access lower property prices. If you’re looking to move to the area and make a lifestyle change, get in touch with a member of our team.



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